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Legacy portfolio:

CX Reinsurance Company Limited  Click here

(Partly owned)

On 31 October 2002, CX Re., formerly called CNA Reinsurance Company Limited, was acquired from Continental Casualty Company. From 1977 CX Re underwrote a complex portfolio of US and international insurance risks but ceased underwriting in August 2001. When purchased, CX RE was the largest solvent company run-off in the London Market. Since 2002, we have reduced the gross undiscounted liabilities of CX RE by over 90%; one of the most rapid reductions ever seen in the London market. On 21 March 2006, we sold most of our shares in CX RE, retaining 12.65% of the non-voting shares and 49.95% of the voting shares.


Island Capital Ltd  Click here

On 25th October 2010 we) completed the acquisition of 94.3% of the issued shares of Island Capital Ltd and its wholly-owned UK subsidiary, Island Capital (Europe) Ltd. Island Capital is a Bermuda insurance company with a specialist underwriting portfolio of trade credit and political risk insurance business. The company went into run-off in November 2008 following the sale of its trade credit and political risk insurance underwriting platform.


Debt Purchase Fund (“DPF”)

Amberley  Click here

Amberley was created in 2009.

Sponsored and co-managed by the Artemis Group (the investment vehicle of Francois Pinault, the majority shareholder in TAL), the DPF is a natural evolution of a Debt Purchase Portfolio, created in 2005 within Pro Insurance Solutions plc (formerly Pro), a servicing company specialised in the reinsurance market which was part of the Tawa plc Group, focusing on reinsurance collectables sitting on insurance and reinsurance companies balance sheets ("Debt Purchase").

Incorporated as a Luxembourg SICAR, Amberley is run by a General Partner and has experienced key staff entirely dedicated to the Fund's operations, and an investment committee.